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The Great Universal Theory of Roulette has fascinated roulette forum readers more than any other topic for the past 8 years. Only the main thread at has 80 pages and was read 182.684 times by now and many more threads followed.

In-depth Analysis and Explanation

This e-book is a step by step guide with lots of illustrations for easy understanding of the Great Universal Theory of Roulette.

G.U.T. Forum Threads

After being published and discussed for years many of the posts have been deleted from forums. That makes it now more than ever hard to fully understand the Great Universal Theory by reading just the threads.

In my e-book I reveal information that is nowhere else available anymore. Additionally it is loaded with my own research and test results.

Main thread on G.U.T. at
Advanced game using G.U.T. at
General discussion about G.U.T. at
Additional information about G.U.T. from Albalaha

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An e-book of priceless Value


You will understand the mathematics behind the Great Universal Theory of roulette and see the game with different eyes.

Stochastic Theory

Propability and Binominal Distribution will be your second nature and no foreign language anymore in terms of roulette.


Everything being explained is visualisized and easy comprehensible even if math was never your favorite subject.

Bet Strategy

Based on expectancy values of the binominal distributed roulette results highly successful bet strategies come along.

Anthology of Quotations

August 20, 2008

"This is one of my ultimate systems that wins flat bet, no progression needed."

August 30, 2008

"I never said it wins always. But it wins that often that you will never loose your bankroll of 200 units."

April 10, 2010

"The strategy is now played by several people - naturally with enormous success. I myself make 200 units per day with it."

April 11, 2010

"G.U.T. is obviously and proofed the best system that had ever been published for free in an open forum."



The e-book comes as 155 pages PDF files and may require a pdf reader software in order to be watched.


More than 150 charts and tables make the e-book an easy read for beginners and advanced roulette players.

Bet instructions

The e-book walkes you through real spin examples and explaines considerations in regard to bet opportunities.


Information that is not available anymore on forums has been retained for all interested roulette players.


Many useful links to threads about G.U.T. and free tracker software are included in the e-book.


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I never fully understood the G.U.T. as it was explained by Winkel although I saw many forum members having success using it. My results have always been mixed. I read the main thread three times but now that Winkel deleted so many pages it's almost impossible to understand.
The ebook comes in two parts as PDF and is individually password protected. The main book with about 70 pages explains the mathematics and the theory of winkel including how and what to bet. It has lots of illustrations and is understandable even for a non-math guy like me. Further it summarizes all the hints and guidelines of winkel and includes some real spin games with comments on the decisions about how and if to bet. It closes with a chapter on advanced possibilities to play the theory but I need to get confident with the basic game first before I can focus on that.
The tracker is a macro based Excel file and I was surprised how well the clicker tool works with my online casino.
I think that ebook is a really well made explanation of the G.U.T. and guess what, I made 79 bucks in my first game.
Cheers Rolletti


I am long time participant in all roulette forum so this is not a fake post! I also have just received the e-book and I can say it's a really good book about the G.U.T. strategy, better explained than in the forum. I think Randy Jones has done an excellent job and created a lot of illustrations and much serious material.
Randy always gives credit to Winkel in his book and he has certainly worked a lot with this strategy.

Really it is the best roulette manual I have bought with so much content and at a low price.
It's a must read!


The e-book is very well made and very well explained. LOTS of work has been put into it. I wonder how many hours it took to make this.
Since I am an advocate of the law of the third, it is probably the best book I bought on roulette and probably the last one I will have to buy.
I now FINALLY understand the trot! Very well explained, about 75 pages long with LOTS graphics and examples.
It was well worth the investment! It will help me make my method even better.

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